Can you turn off your water in the middle of the night to stop a major water leak into your property

Many people that live in an apartment have no idea where the stop valves for their water or gas.

If an emergency was to occur and you are not sure what to do your apartment could be flooded before your owners corporation emergency plumber arrives on site, and if he can not locate the required valve the water may need to be shut down to the entire building.

Can you locate your hot water unit, do you know what type it is and how to re set it if there is a problem.

We offer a service to all owners corporation managed sites where we can conduct an inspection of your site and compile a residents handbook containing all of the information about your site.

It can be as basic or as detailed as you require.

It is like an instruction book for your apartment.

We can provide access to your handbook on line so it can be accessed anywhere.

This service is also very helpful for Owners Corporation and Rental Property managers

Contact us for further details on 1800 154 446