Drain relining Melbourne

Drain relining is the process of installing a sleeve inside an existing damaged pipe, this is usually done to limit the need to excavate and replace the damaged pipe.

Sometimes relining is also used in pipes above ground such as to repair leaking drainage pipes within pipe ducts where a large amount of demolition is required to reach the pipe so as it can be repaired.

'The relining process uses air to inflate a bladder which has a felt liner impregnated with a chemical that sets hard to form a new pipe inside a damage pipe.

We have the ability to reline pipes starting at 50mm dia.

The process is done in conjunction with drain inspection cameras and hydro drain clearing equipment.

Usually the drain can be back in service within 6 hours, often with no need for excavation of concrete cutting.

If you have a broken pipe under a driveway of foot path there is no need to cut out the concrete, we can repair it by relining through the damaged section in most cases, if access to the area from within the pipe is possible.

We can also reline broken junctions.

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