Blocked drains

Slow flowing drains or drains that gurgle are often a sign of an impending problem.

If your drains are making unusual noises its time to call us, its is often a sign that your drain is blocked or is about to become blocked.

We can clear your blocked drains quickly using some of the best equipment available today, using our drain inspection camera we can quickly identify the cause of the problem we can pinpoint the exact location of the problem.

Using our hydro drain clearing we can quickly and effectively remove the blockage and have your drain running again in no time.

Generally blockages are caused by tree roots entering the pipes through small cracks and leaking joints  in old clay pipe drains, or through damaged or broken PCV drains.

Most blockages are easily cleared and will generally remain clear for 12-18 months until the blockage regrows, it can then be re cleared, or in most cases a damaged drain can be relined, please see our relining page for further information.

In some cases the  problem is far more serious, a collapse in the drain may have occurred this will generally require excavation and replacement of the damaged section or intensive cleaning with high pressure water jetting equipment and then the damaged section of pipe can be relined and it will then be as good as new.

We advise that all owners corporation drains be hydro jet cleaned every 12 months as part of the property maintenance plan.

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