Undetected water leaking from drains or pipes in walls or below the ground can if left unchecked cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to a building resulting in major ongoing problems.

Water leaking in walls, under floor or in ceilings can result in failure of the structure, costly damage to plaster and paint or damage to carpet and flooring.

As a result mould can start to grow, mould can be a very serious problem and can result in serious health issues for people who are exposed to the spores.

We use thermal cameras to track pipes, identify water leaks, and to help determine the cause of the water entry issue.

Many leak issues will result in some kind of damage to your building, if you have building insurance we may be able to assist in submitting an insurance claim for the costs of restoration / reinstatement of damages as a result of water entry.

If your water bill has increased or you have unexplained damp areas in your bathroom or mould growing on ceilings or walls call us today for a swift solution to the problem.


        A thermal image showing wet wall and carpet

       The water had entered in from the outside wall.