If you live in an apartment building or at a site with more than 1 dwelling on it then it is most likely that you will be living in a building with an Owners Corporation Manager, formerly know as Body Corporate Managers.

The Owners Corporation plays a very important role in the successful operation and upkeep of your building.

The Owners Corporation manages all common areas, they are also involved in arranging for the maintenance of common areas like drive-ways, shared facilities like pools, or gyms, and also common service's such as main water supply, sewer system issues, roofing issues and so on.

Your Owners Corporation will generally have a set of rules or by-laws that affect how common areas are used and what they are used for, that can also determine matters that affect a private space eg, re the installation of air conditioners and hot water systems on external walls, or in other common areas.

Each building will have a committee made up of the property owners, each owner has a vote to elect the committee members.

Buildings with active and interested committee members that have the ability to work well together will generally be better maintained, cleaner and more attractive to buyers and renters alike.

A building that has grass growing from the gutters, rotted windows and un-maintained gardens is a far less attractive location to live in than a well managed and well maintained building where property values will generally increase year on year, a well maintained building is also more likely to attract good tenants.

The Owners Corporation manager will generally have a list of preferred contractors that know your building, like a plumber that knows where the drains run, and where the water can be isolated in an emergency.

They will generally have in place a maintenance plan and a maintenance fund and there are rules and legislation that determine how such funds are managed.

We provide plumbing services to a number of Owners Corporation managed sites.

We believe in providing a quality service and the best advice possible to quickly and efficiently resolve any issue affecting common building plumbing services.

We can deal with small jobs such as a leaking down pipe of garden tap through to a complete new sewer or roof for your building.

We have the latest in equipment to make sure we pinpoint problems quickly so as to get the service up and running without major disruption.

We offer regular maintenance services such as gutter and roof cleaning, Sewer and Storm water drain clearing and inspection.

Bulk hot water maintenance and service, garden irrigation service and maintenance.

We can process insurance claims and deal directly with your insurance provider wqhere reinstatement works are required following a flood or a burst pipe.

Leaking balconies, garden beds, walls and bathrooms are just a fw of the things we can assist you with.

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