Sometimes accessing your roof is not easy, we have the ability to do what ever is required to access the problem, and resolve it quickly

Many buildings are designed and built with no thought of future maintenance of gutters, downpipes or roofing.

We believe that all roofs and gutters on owners corporation managed buildings should be inspected at least every 12 months, some sites will need to be cleaned 3 or 4 times per year depending on the amount of trees around the property.

Regular site inspections will enable an owners corporations to understand the condition of common assets such as the roof, regular inspections will detect problems such as rust, loose items, blocked gutters, blocked down pipes and so on.

Regular reports will enable property owners to form budgets to enable repairs, plan for future works or major upgrades.

Rusty roof sheeting as shown here can be treated to extend the life for a number of years whilst owners raise money or consider the amount of works required.

A leaking common roof due to lack of maintenance or inspection can result in major issues  inside your apartment which may result in major disruption and the need for major internal repairs.

Call us today for a complete roof inspection and report,  or to book a regular gutter clean a gutter clean.